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Contents IJITS, No. 02, 2024

Article [2024-02-04]

A smart parking system combining IoT and AI to address improper parking

Mostapha Laaouafy, Fatima Lakrami, Ouidad Labouidya

Article [2024-02-06]

Development of a neural network model of an intelligent monitoring agent based on a recurrent neural network with a long chain of short-term memory elements

Osamah Adil Raheem, I. A. Aksenov , Yu. V. Redkin, A. V. Gorshkov , S. A. Sorokin , I. V. Atlasov , O. Ja. Kravets

Article [2024-02-07]

Classification of SPAM mail utilizing machine learning and deep learning techniques

Bandar Alshawi, Amr Munsh, Majid Alotaibi, Ryan Alturki, Nasser Allheeib

Article [2024-02-08]

Mathematical model written by ordinary differential equations for hysteresis games

Nguyen Thi Hien, Pavel Azizurovich Rahman

Article [2024-02-09]

The security analysis on the rabbit stream cipher

Kai Chain