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A MATLAB Based approach for control synthesis of DC-DC converters

2024, vol.16 , no.1, pp. 77-88

Article [2024-01-08]

Bogdan Gilev
Nikolay Hinov
Kiril Genev

The main steps of the synthesis of the control of DC-DC converters based on Matlab are discussed in the manuscript. Shown is the implementation and setup of 3 types of controllers used in a specific example Boost DC-DC converter: classic PID, neural network, and Fuzzy. For some of the cases, the source code is also given, thus the examples presented are useful both for the purposes of training in power electronics and for the specialists-designers of power electronic devices.


control synthesis, DC-DC converters, Matlab, power electronic device design, resonant inverters


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Citation of this article:

Bogdan Gilev, Nikolay Hinov, Kiril Genev. A MATLAB Based approach for control synthesis of DC-DC converters. International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.16 , no.1, 2024, pp. 77-88.