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A new model of ultra wideband sensors based interactive system

2024, vol.16 , no.1, pp. 39-48

Article [2024-01-04]

Valentin Atanasov
Tihomir Trifonov

Camera Based Interactive Systems have found their application in various fields of human activity, such as education, industry, entertainment, healthcare, public order, etc. It could be noted that in the characteristics of such a system, certain shortcomings or weaknesses could be highlighted. To reduce these weaknesses, a new model, based on digital communication devices in the wideband radio frequency spectrum is proposed. The technology used is ultra-wideband based, through the construction of a wireless sensor network. This paper proposes a model of an ultra-wideband wireless sensor-based interactive system that implements the spatial orientation approach and the precise local positioning approach. A synthesis of the new model comprises four phases.


UWB, wireless, interactive, positioning, system


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Citation of this article:

Valentin Atanasov, Tihomir Trifonov. A new model of ultra wideband sensors based interactive system . International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.16 , no.1, 2024, pp. 39-48.