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Contents IJITS, No. 01, 2024

Article [2024-01-01]

Proposal of model for prediction of grape processing and spraying time by using IoT smart agriculture sensor data

Jakup Fondaj, Mentor Hamit, Samedin Krrabaj, Xhemal Zenuni, Jaumin Ajdari

Article [2024-01-03]

Authorship classification techniques: Bridging textual domains and languages

Arta Misini, Arbana Kadriu, Ercan Canhasi

Article [2024-01-04]

A new model of ultra wideband sensors based interactive system

Valentin Atanasov, Tihomir Trifonov

Article [2024-01-05]

Designing the architecture of a distributed system for information monitoring of IoT and IIoT infrastructures traffic

O. Ja. Kravets, D. I. Atlasov, A. V. Gorshkov, E.V. Sidorenko, E. I. Mutina, A. Aksenov, Yu. V. Redkin

Article [2024-01-06]

Automation of adaptive control of complex objects states trajectories in artificial intelligence systems

D. I. Mutin, A. F. Kaperko, S. A. Sorokin, D. V. Sotnikov, I. V. Atlasov, N. A. Ryndin

Article [2024-01-07]

System software architecture for advancing human robot interaction by cloud services and multi-robot cooperation

Anna Lekova, Paulina Tsvetkova, Anna Andreeva, Miglena Simonska, Adelina Kremenska

Article [2024-01-08]

A MATLAB Based approach for control synthesis of DC-DC converters

Bogdan Gilev, Nikolay Hinov, Kiril Genev

Article [2024-01-09]

Cryptocurrencies: Instruments for investment security protection

Gancho Ganchev, Maria Paskaleva