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Ethno-demographic dimensions of national power

2023, vol.15 , no.4, pp. 107-114

Article [2023-04-10]

Marian Ninov
Valeri Nikolov

There is a substantiated need for a more differentiated approach in assessing the population as an element of national power. Proposed is the use of coefficients reflecting the alignment of different ethnicities and diasporas with the goals of the state-forming ethnicity in the national state. Particular attention is paid to the role of diasporas in this regard.


diaspora, national power, population, state-forming ethnicity


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Citation of this article:

Marian Ninov, Valeri Nikolov. Ethno-demographic dimensions of national power . International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.15 , no.4, 2023, pp. 107-114.