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Operational control of probabilistic processes in a multi-stage specialized system

2023, vol.15 , no.2, pp. 27-34

Article [2023-02-03]

O.Ja. Kravets
I.A. Aksenov
P.A. Rahman
I.V. Atlasov
Yu.V. Redkin
O.Yu. Frantsisko
O.Yu. Zaslavskaya

A process consisting of sequential operations is considered. For each operation, you can determine the currently available probability of its error-free (high-quality) execution. By the qualitative performance of the operation, we will understand the achievement of a given level of quality in quantitative proportion to the overall level. The purpose of the article is to build a quality management strategy in which a set of probabilities of quality levels not less than a certain threshold value is achieved, with minimal costs for carrying out appropriate measures. The article presents the decomposition of operations into activities; classification of activities into activities with conditionally linear or asymptotic response; quality assessment in a multi-level control system with response functions of various types; optimization problems and their algorithmic solutions.


sequential operations, high-quality execution, quality management strategy, threshold value, classification of activities


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Citation of this article:

O.Ja. Kravets, I.A. Aksenov, P.A. Rahman, I.V. Atlasov, Yu.V. Redkin, O.Yu. Frantsisko, O.Yu. Zaslavskaya. Operational control of probabilistic processes in a multi-stage specialized system. International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.15 , no.2, 2023, pp. 27-34.