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Contents IJITS, No. 01, 2023

Article [2023-01-01]

Secure efficient task communication mechanisms for Big Data environment

V. Desai, D. H. Annappaiah

Article [2023-01-05]

Implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of dynamic object detection tools for multithreaded and distributed processing of graphical data

O. Ja. Kravets, I. A. Aksenov, I. V. Atlasov, P. A. Rahman, Yu. V. Redkin, O. Yu. Frantsisko, L. M. Bozhko

Article [2023-01-08]

Medical information technology for decision-making taking into account the norms of civil law

Y. Hnatchuk, T. Hovorushchenko, D. Shteinbrekher, A. Boyarchuk, T. Kysil

Article [2023-01-10]

Side channel attack performance of correlation power analysis method in noise

F. Garipay, K. Uzgören, İ. Kaya