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A framework for evaluation of web-based learning content

2022, vol.14 , no.4, pp. 13-22

Article [2022-04-02]

Valentin Atanasov
Aneliya Ivanova

A framework for adding qualitative and quantitative meta-descriptions of WEB based learning content is discussed in this work. The purpose is to be provided sufficient information about the digital interactive objects included in a WEB based learning resource in order to classify and measure its’ suitability for use in online educational process. Taking into account that the interactivity of digital learning content should be regarded in two directives – didactical and technological, a Complex Interactivity Index is introduced. A pilot version of a WEB based tool for validation and evaluation of WEB based learning resources is proposed and some examples are give.


WEB based learning content, WEB based learning resource, interactivity, digital interactive object, complex interactivity index

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Citation of this article:

Valentin Atanasov, Aneliya Ivanova. A framework for evaluation of web-based learning content. International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.14 , no.4, 2022, pp. 13-22.