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Models of remote control of an unmanned vessel movement

2022, vol.14 , no.3, pp. 79-88

Article [2022-03-08]

V. E. Bolnokin
A. F. Kaperko
S.A. Sorokin

Algorithms for remote control of the vessel's movement using the data of the global satellite positioning system and ensuring the achievement of a given goal with the required accuracy have been developed and investigated. The algorithms take into account the accidental effects on the vessel of external factors that determine the deviation of the vessel from the designated course.


remote control, vessel's movement, GPS, accidental effects, external factors

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Citation of this article:

V. E. Bolnokin, A. F. Kaperko, S.A. Sorokin. Models of remote control of an unmanned vessel movement. International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.14 , no.3, 2022, pp. 79-88.