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A performance aware contents based image retrieval (CBIR) techniques

2022, vol.14 , no.2, pp. 87-98

Article [2022-02-08]

Ranjana Battur
Jagadisha N

The increased pace in the digital media has gained lot of buzz in modern technology for images and videos storage. The digital images contain important information and its processing is a biggest task. Also, storing and
retrieving these large sized digital image leads to higher response time which causes performance degradation. Further detection and examining of the image content is a major concern. Hence, this manuscript introduces a performance aware CBIR technique. Here, Chest X-ray image retrieval is performed by considering similarity score. The X-ray image is subjected to the ground truth divisions based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and Bhattacharya coefficient for image retrieval. To analyze the image contents, a grey-level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) based technique is incorporated with CBIR that gives texture of histopathological image with specific pair of pixel values. The study computes the GLCM contrast and correlation values to retrieve the histopathological image. These proposed technique helps to improve the retrieval performance and analyze the similarity factors of the database images. This performance aware CBIR technique offers better feature extraction and accurate image retrieval than existing techniques.


Image detection, CBIR, GLCM, DWT

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Citation of this article:

Ranjana Battur, Jagadisha N. A performance aware contents based image retrieval (CBIR) techniques. International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.14 , no.2, 2022, pp. 87-98.