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Simulation models for induction machine protection analysis

2022, vol.14 , no.2, pp. 63-74

Article [2022-02-06]

Stefan Paskalovski
Mihail Digalovski

The object of research are simulation models analysis of a three- phase induction machine protection systems. The analysis is made on the parameters behavior on the machine (stator current, rotor current, rotor speed and torque) while simulating different types of faults and while there are no faults. Over current fault and protection is used in the first simulation using over current relay, while under voltage, loss of one phase and asymmetric power supply protection is used in the second simulation using over voltage and under voltage relays. The article describes how to protect your induction machine when you have this types of faults.


induction machine, over voltage relay, under voltage relay, over current relay

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Citation of this article:

Stefan Paskalovski, Mihail Digalovski. Simulation models for induction machine protection analysis. International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.14 , no.2, 2022, pp. 63-74.