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Organization of Technological Structures for Personal Data Protection

2022, vol.14 , no.1, pp. 97-106

Article [2022-01-09]

Irina Noninska
Radi Romansky

Information security is an important part of the contemporary network world and is directly related to the protection of personal data. Various legal documents on the subject set out basic requirements for ensuring the
privacy of users in the digital spice. The article presents a point of view for organization of an adequate data protection to implement the updated requirements of the latest regulation. A structure of a data protection system
and organizational and technological means suitable for its implementation are proposed. Attention is paid to cryptographic protection and its application in personal data protection.


security, personal data, data protection, technological structures, cryptography

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Citation of this article:

Irina Noninska, Radi Romansky. Organization of Technological Structures for Personal Data Protection. International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.14 , no.1, 2022, pp. 97-106.