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Algorithmization of the Software Testing System based on Finite Automata

2022, vol.14 , no.1, pp. 77-86

Article [2022-01-07]

M. M. Zozulya
O. Ja. Kravets
I. V. Atlasov
I. A. Aksenov
L. M. Bozhko
P. A. Rahman

Software testing is one of the key stages in the development of a digital device based on a microcontroller. The article discusses the features of the implementation of algorithms for the functioning of the microcontroller software testing system based on finite automata. An enlarged block diagram of a testing system at the software and hardware levels is presented, a model of such a system using the theory of finite automata is presented. A detailed finite automaton for the testing process model has been formed, its states have been determined and algorithms for operation are given.


software testing, digital device, finite automata, block diagram, testing process model

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Citation of this article:

M. M. Zozulya, O. Ja. Kravets, I. V. Atlasov, I. A. Aksenov, L. M. Bozhko, P. A. Rahman. Algorithmization of the Software Testing System based on Finite Automata. International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.14 , no.1, 2022, pp. 77-86.